Circuit Training Exercises For Children

kids running up steps

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I bet when you first start thinking about circuit training exercises for children you visualize a weight room with all sorts of big, clunky machines right?

That’s what I envision at least.  There are probably great circuit training ideas out there for kids and depending on their age it might be appropriate.

Today I want us to focus on children 12 and under.

You don’t have to be an athlete competing in a sport to do this kind of training.  The only requirement is that you have to be a kid!

What I’m about to share with you will still provide the benefits you are familiar with in this kind of training.

  • Muscle endurance
  • Increase strength
  • Cardiovascular
  • Fat loss

I have one single exercise which will act as a whole round of circuit training.  You just have to set it up one time and let your kids go through it.  I also have a guarantee.  I bet they’ll do it more than once, twice and three times.

The first one I want to tell you about is pillow jumping.

We have an old couch in which we don’t care about the pillows.  Our kids set out the pillows as if they’re stepping stones.  They love jumping from pillow to pillow.  There are about six pillows total spanning at least 10 feet.

They run, jump and leap and they do this about 10 times in a row.  You can add other items such as a cardboard tunnel so that they jump, crawl and then jump again.

You can then set up a fun obstacle course in the backyard.

There are so many objects you can set up like patio furniture, garden hose, swing set, trampoline, boxes, old tires and more.

You have a start and a finish and have them race either against each other or against a stopwatch.

It’s a great idea to mix things up and have a variety of exercises for children.  Set some circuit training indoors and some outdoors.  You can even go to a park and set up activities there.

As I said, this is for kids 12 and under.  The idea is to introduce them to activities like this so when they get older they will be used to these types of movements.  Not just that but they’ll be used to the speed.

Do you have any ideas you’d like to share?  What have you found to work with your kids?  Please leave a comment below.

If you want to learn more about this subject and others then you must check out these exercises for kids ideas.


I help families with fun exercises for kids and healthy nutrition.

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2 comments on “Circuit Training Exercises For Children
  1. Robin says:

    great idea! i have an 8 year old boy who is somewhat wiggly, and has issues with not being this way in school during math. We have been doing “morning jumps” lately, hoping that if I can get him active in the morning, he’ll be a little more focused at school. This involves jumping around of course, jumping jacks, squats, wiggling on the exercise ball, running in place, touch your toes to plank and back…stuff like that. But pillow jumping? He will love that!!! Maybe I can use this to prolong our sessions…

  2. You are right on the money Robin. Exercise is absolutely proven to be great for getting kids to relax more and improve their schoolwork. I love your morning jumps idea!

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